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Payoff Tromp B.V.

Contributions to healthy animals in a healthy world

Tromp is a professional developer, producer and wholesaler of mineral mixtures, premixes and lick blocks for cattle, horses and sheep. The company also supplies mineral products such as chalk, salt and agricultural lime, and produces high quality lickblocks. Tromp has been a concept in livestock farming since 1937 and has continued to grow in knowledge and expertise in order to best serve the needs of its clients.

The necessity of additives

Fodders, such as grass silage, straw, hay and cut corn often contain too few minerals or minerals in the wrong proportions. Also, meadow grass – depending on the type of ground, the area or the maintenance of the meadow – cannot always satisfy the demands for complete and healthy feed. As a result, the livestock is given additional mineral mixtures and/or concentrates; feeds to which the necessary minerals and vitamins have been added.