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Mission & Vision

Mission & Vision

Wiebe Tromp

Wiebe Tromp, fourth generation within the Tromp company, graduated in 2000 with a Masters of Science in Management. Before that, he studied and graduated from Larenstein, the International Agricultural College in Velp, the Netherlands and worked for several (inter-)national companies. That’s how he accumulated his know-how. With his knowledge of food technology, he lays the link between nutrition and nutrients for people and animals.


Tromp aims to contribute to a healthy world with good products for livestock. The earth is our foundation, our best ally. Tromp makes the direct connection between our planet, with its natural raw materials, and the health of animals and people. Calm and healthy livestock produce more, longer, and better. If our livestock get exactly the right nutrition, we get high quality products in return. That quality ensures a healthier and better life, without exhausting the planet and the animals.


The word vision has two meanings: one is ‘now’, and the other is the ‘future’. Vision as ‘now’ has something alive about it: science, experiences, literature, farmers; they all contribute to the vision of Tromp. The other meaning, future, carries out something bigger, more common. Wiebe Tromp has a vision of a healthy world with healthy people, animals and plants. Subscribing to this vision is his mission. What sort of contributions to this can a manufacturer of premixes make? Wiebe Tromp works on it daily. Your reactions are also welcome!


“I keep finding out more and more that minerals, in their original form, with all of their authentic characteristics and natural trace elements, are the most effective. Our company wants to lead the way in this. We’re developing further in the direction of ‘back to basics’. We can improve the health of the livestock and the quality of the products by using what nature offers us in a well-balanced way. The ancient laws of nature and our modern technology can work very well together! It’s a new way of thinking, which literally and figuratively delivers ‘pure profit’ “.

Wiebe Tromp, CEO