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The company

The company

The company

Tromp is Frisian family business. It’s also one of the three lick block and five premix manufacturers in the Netherlands. The company has existed since 1937 and plays since three generations an important role as developer and supplier of reliable and quality mineral mixtures and individual products for cattle, horses, sheep and goats. Thereby it’s always taken into account – fortunately, on an increasing basis – the particular situation of the livestock, such as age, season, soil type, et cetera. There’s also more knowledge about the functions and effects of minerals, trace elements, vitamins and herbs. Depending on the needs of the animals, most of our clients purchase their own mixtures and lick blocks. Meanwhile, Tromp supplies hundreds of different premixes and mineral mixtures and various lick blocks.

Our customers

Animal feed manufacturers are our largest group of customers. They need the right matching premixes for the feed, but don’t have the necessary precision equipment to make it themselves. Besides that, Tromp supplies forage dealers and hobby farmers.

Tromp works together with people who have practical experience, as well as with specialists. Feed systems, feed materials and vision concerning health and production change. Rising production, sustainability and feed quality all influence the amounts and sorts of minerals and vitamins. The needs of the animals change, and nutritional research constantly delivers new information about the function of minerals and vitamins.