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Lick blocks

Lick blocks

Tromp produces its own lick blocks, which are in fact mineral blocks, consisting of mineral salts and other minerals, vitamins and, sometimes, herbs. They are user-friendly and effective. Each animal that needs something extra can directly ingest it via a lick block, while the proportions in the block are such, that the animal never consumes too many minerals or vitamins. Insufficient, as well as excessive, amounts of minerals could create problems. This is something you can easily prevent by making sure a suitable lick block is within reach of the animals.

The advantages of lick blocks

  • – practical in use
  • – firmly and compactly pressed
  • – packaged per piece
  • – compositions made with care
  • – handy blocks of 10 kg
  • – sharply priced


Types of lick blocks

measured to size – Tromp makes many other lick blocks, fitted to your specific business situation. Ask for the possibilities

sheep  – these lick blocks for sheep are without copper, but with sodium and chloride. Therefore they are explicit good for sheep

biotin  – these lick blocks of Tromp are enriched with biotin. Biotin, a water-soluble, sulferous B-vitamin, contributes to the metabolic functions because it’s active in the building up and breaking down of carbohydrates, proteins, and fatty acids. It’s good for the skin, the coat, and it heals hoof and claw problems. For cattle, horses

magnesium  – enriched with magnesium and calcium. For cattle, horses and pigs

young stock  – enriched with, among other things, calcium and phosphorus (bone development), copper (metabolism and growth), and vitamins. Has a reduced salt content. Especially for calves. (Older young stock often has great need of minerals, because the roughage/grass contains insufficient copper and selenium, and the animals get little to no concentrate with minerals)

standard  – ‘does what it should do’. Contains a concentrate of all essentially necessary minerals. For cattle and horses

beef calf  – without iron supplements and with essential ingredients for a good development of beef calves. For the rearing of calves

horse –with diverse trace elements, such as manganese and cobalt, plus herbs, essential oils and garlic. Strengthens the health and resistance of horses