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Minerals in mixtures and premixes

Minerals in mixtures and premixes

Premix or mineral mixture

Premixes and mineral mixtures or supplements actually contain the same ingredients, but the products are applied in different ways:

  • A premix, in other words a premixture, is a careful combination of accurately weighed amounts of minerals and/or vitamins, which is added to the concentrate. For every customer a specific mixture is made in the desired proportions. These premixes are transported as bulk freight or as bagged goods to the animal feed factories, where they are added to the livestock feed in the correct proportions.
  • A mineral mixture or supplement is a final product and can be added to the roughage by livestock owners. Mineral mixtures are delivered to forage dealers, who sell the mixtures, e.g. to livestock owners, horse lovers and hobby farmers. Usually these mineral mixtures are also composed according to the needs of the animals. Besides these, Tromp also supplies standard mixtures. These standard mixtures are also adaptable. Tromp also supplies individual raw material
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