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Mineral mixtures for horses

Mineral mixtures for horses

Horses are popular with young and old! They are still kept as livestock and as working horses; just think of the Belgian draught horse or police horses. But mostly we see them as hobby animals and in the various branches of horseback riding. In order to get or keep their body in the right condition, horses daily need water, proteins, carbohydrates, minerals, trace elements and vitamins. These are the basic raw materials. Especially in trotting, racing and horseback riding sports, attention is paid to accurate feeding. That belongs to one of the most important requirements for success, next to care, aptitude, and training. Optimal nutrition helps horses deliver performances required of them. That entails diligence/carefulness. During the intake of feed and in the intestines, minerals and trace elements influence each other. While passing through the intestinal walls, they absolutely have to be in the right amounts and proportions.

The role of minerals with horses

Minerals contribute to the construction and maintenance of a strong skeleton, and they play a role in the digestion and metabolism. During digestion the nutrients are ‘cut’ into smaller pieces and spread through the intestinal canal and absorbed into the lymph system and blood stream. In the metabolism the nutrients which deliver energy are stored as fats, body protein and glycogen in the muscles, or they are broken down to deliver energy directly.


It still happens regularly that some minerals are overly abundant in the daily rations, while other minerals are lacking. This is often the case with calcium and sodium, but also, the magnesium supply isn’t always optimal. Tromp advises to always give these in the rations, understandably keeping in mind the prescribed norms. Experience has taught us that giving all the important minerals, and especially the trace elements, can positively influence the condition of the horse. Vitamins contribute to the growth and fertility of the horses.

Pregnant mares

The feed for pregnant and lactating mares requires extra attention. In order to allow the unborn foal to grow and to create enough milk production as well, a mare needs a selected range of nutrients which, of course, differ in composition from those in other situations.

Products for horses

Tromp horse mixture

this balanced vitamin and mineral mixture can be adapted per situation. Ensures a better condition, metabolism and resistance of horses.